About Frame

About Frame

Frame is a modular system of bathroom consoles and furniture.
Featuring a straight and minimalist design, it turns as a delicate graphic piece with a Nordic allure. Frame is a flexible system consisting of a number of black graphic frames, customisable depending on your needs and with a functional purpose. The main steel structure is designed to accommodate the basin as well as a counter top in various material such as wood, LivingTec®, marble and stone, while the inside allows you to hang a varnished wood cabinet or a drawer for storage. Thanks to its versatility, Frame is a perfect solution for any living space.
Norm Architects

A talk with the designers

How did the idea of a modular system come up?

“We were inspired by many DIY solutions for bathroom consoles that we had spotted in urban contemporary boutique hotels around the world but we wanted to design our own precise and minimalist version of a naked and structural bathroom console. We’ve always loved cool and unpretentious bathroom consoles that are often made of standard brass pipes and fittings, simply topped with a slab of marble and a metal basin. That gives a light and airy atmosphere to the bathroom, that is often dominated by heavy and somewhat clumsy cabinets. Our take on this type of bathroom furniture is a delicate and graphic piece refined with materials like steel, stone and wood. The name Frame comes from the frames that are the structural element of the system and give to the design a strict sculptural presence.”

What is it inspired by and what does the name stand for?

“Over the years we went through the design of an endless number of bathrooms for private and commercial clients, stumbling upon the need for a versatile and flexible system that could fit within small spaces as well as making a striking statement in large and spacious bathrooms. Frame system consists of a number of black frames customizable depending on users needs and purpose. The main steel structure is designed to accommodate the basin as well as a counter top in various materials such as wood, marble and stone. The inside allows you to hang wooden cabinets or drawers for storage. Featuring a few flexible elements the system is a perfect solution for any kind of bathroom and for many living spaces.”

“Aestethics, functionality
and design”


What are the main features of the design?

“The main feature of the system is its versatility and light expression. Also the materials combination and the ability to turn from something strict and monochrome into something more eclectic that stands out. The space between the frame and the cabinets not only gives a pleasant look but it’s also functional working as a towel rack. A perfect balance between aesthetics & functionality is another key feature of this design.”

What were the main challenges during the process?

“To create a system that has a clean minimal look where the materials are in focus. Then we had to balance this with all the technical details that goes into the development of a system like this.”
The Result

Versatility & light expression

Does the final result match the initial idea?

“We strove to design a collection that has just the right amount of character and lets the materials do the talking without taking over its surroundings and we think this has succeeded. The result is what we had in mind: a design where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away that would make it any better.”

If you can imagine your ideal project for Frame, what would be?

“We’d like to see Frame being used in all its compositions both in the bathrooms and other living spaces of a hotel; that would be an ideal project. Showing how the mixing of materials & the endless possibilities of its compositions can change the outcome of the collection and the feeling of the setting.”